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The MA1st Cornerstone Commitment

Kyoshi DePalma and the staff at MA1st are committed to accomplishing the core values defined in its mission statement. First among those goals is to bring martial artists and industry professionals of all styles and levels together to exchange information, ideas, concepts and real world knowledge to ensure school owners, instructors and staff are perfectly positioned to achieve success though training and industry connection.

"I feel the best knowing that I am sharing part of me, my martial arts, with others," he says. "Every time I hand a new belt to a student, from the youngest white belt to the highest black belt, I feel I've accomplished my goals through their achievements. It's not about what I've done. It's about what we can do for them."

Kyoshi Fred DePalma - MA1st CEO / DePalmas Team USA Martial Arts

MASuccess Magazine - October 2018 - article by Terry L. Wilson

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Your Success Is Our Mission


All MA1st membership levels include complimentary attendance for you or your staff to any world wide MA1st conference event.*

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Business Systems

Access to online digital and print marketing materials, resources for instructors, staff and owners to leverage on the mat, behind the counter or in the office.

  • Marketing
  • Staff Management
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Personal exchange of information, ideas, concepts and real world knowledge so you, the school owner along with your instructors and staff are perfectly positioned to achieve success.

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Upcoming Conferences, Workshops and Events

As a school owner or manager you make important business decision that could spell success or failure for you and your team everyday. A solid network of experienced and successful business owners can be invaluable. Through a wide variety of MA1st events you and your team will have access to the best of the best. New ideas and experience you can fully utilize both long and short term.

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